Hanne Kragh

Preparing for the Unexpected

Design of the Future Global Enterprise

About the book

The effect of globalization on industrial activities in mature Western economies such as Denmark has been the relocation of business activities from the domestic to the global stage.

This calls for an entirely new level of participation in the global division of work, and has resulted in the break-up of value-chains into smaller and more specialized links. To remain relevant to the global economy, Danish actors must carefully balance their ability to tap into global opportunities while maintaining local collaboration.

This book discusses current practices of transformation as Danish companies attempt to manage the ongoing transformation of their task environments. What are the critical managerial and organizational challenges that face globally expanding Danish firms? How has globalization affected ´domestic´ business practices in Danish society? How do firms that recognize these challenges actively cope with them?

The authors focus on how various actors collaborate, coordinate, and share resources at different levels within organizations that are expanding their activities internationally or are already multinational in scope.

The authors identify key insights from the cases which allow them to make suggestions to what managers of contemporary international organizations should focus on when considering the future organization of activities and resources. 


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Udgave 01, 2015 | 282 sider | ISBN 9788757431575


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